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Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It?

One finds it magical, the opposite solely sees a pile of stones: Stonehenge in England. So… is Stonehenge price visiting or not?

The Journey Tester did the analysis for you and paid a go to to this historical web site within the city of Salisbury, within the county of Wiltshire in southern England.

Along with sensible info, we additionally reply questions resembling: “How was Stonehenge made?”, “Are you able to enter the stone circle?” and “what’s within the museum at Stonehenge?”


Stonehenge in England was considered one of many essential ceremonial monuments in-built Britain, Eire and continental Europe throughout prehistoric occasions. It’s the most architecturally refined and solely surviving stone circle on the earth.

The construction helps us to study extra in regards to the historical past of this area and to know extra in regards to the lifetime of the individuals who lived and visited right here. Stonehenge has given us a greater understanding of how prehistoric society was organized.

Stonehenge doesn’t stand by itself, however is a part of a outstanding historical panorama of Early Neolithic, Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age monuments.

TIP: You may study all in regards to the historical past of this magical place in England on the non permanent exhibition “The World of Stonehenge” on the British Museum in London.

One of many gadgets on show on this exhibit is the Nebra Sky Disk (Nebra Sky Disc), a bronze disc containing the oldest illustration of the universe recognized up to now. You may learn extra about this distinctive discover on our area weblog “The House Tester”, the place you can even see all objects from the exhibition The World of Stonehenge that must do with the universe in a separate article.

Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
British Museum England Stonehenge Exhibition 2022
Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester


Stonehenge in England is near the city of Amesbury within the English county of Wiltshire. When you Google the map of Stonehenge, it says it’s within the city of Salisbury, but it surely’s about 8 miles (13 kilometers) northwest of Salisbury on the Salisbury Plain.

View the Stonehenge location on Google Maps right here:

Tackle Stonehenge: Salisbury SP4 7DE, United Kingdom

Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester


The precise age of Stonehenge is unknown, however the outstanding monument was constructed someplace between 5000 and 3500 years in the past as a spot the place folks gathered.

The historical past of Stonehenge begins as a burial web site for the cremated stays of between 150 and 200 folks. Chemical evaluation suggests a number of lived and died in West Wales earlier than their stays had been buried within the memorial.

Other than this place, the encircling panorama was additionally used for spiritual devotion by farming communities. Even at this early stage, observations of the solar performed a task.

Across the yr 4500 it was found how you could possibly extract steel from stone, that you could possibly soften it down and use it to make new objects. Along with a way of magic among the many folks, it additionally enabled vital improvements in carpentry, joinery and boat constructing, as steel may very well be reused and reworked into objects resembling copper and bronze axes.

Stonehenge took on its acquainted type round this time. Greater than 80 large boulders, every requiring a minimum of 1000 folks to be transported, had been moved about 20 miles (30 kilometers) from West Woods in England, southwest of an space referred to as “Marlborough Downs”. The bluestones had been transported over 155 miles (250 kilometers): they arrive the Preseli Hills in Wales.

This effort required unprecedented communal labor, persistence and planning. It took generations to finish.

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Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
Stonehenge is as outdated because the invention of the sandwich… oh no, wait… a lot older!


Constructing Stonehenge started by marking the sacred floor by digging a trench into which rubble was thrown to type the henge’s outer surrounding financial institution.

Inside, they raised a circle of big, mottled dolerite Bluestone boulders. This was achieved by digging a big gap, with a slope on one facet. The again of the outlet was lined with a row of wood posts. The stone was then positioned and lifted upright utilizing plant fiber ropes and possibly a wood A-frame. Weights might have been used to tilt the stone upright. The outlet was then packed tightly with rubble.

Picket platforms had been in all probability used to position the horizontal lintels (the stones on prime, because the “desk prime”). Then the construction was bolstered by exactly interlocking connections, unseen in every other prehistoric monument.

Afterwards, the stones had been adorned utilizing superior methods.

There have been two unique entrances to the enclosure – a large one on the northeast and a smaller one on the south. There are lots of extra roads and potholes within the circuit at this time, largely the results of later tracks that when crossed the monument.

Simply contained in the financial institution had been 56 pits generally known as the Aubrey Holes. About half of those had been excavated and marked with white concrete circles within the Twenties.

How did Stonehenge get there? Be taught extra within the video beneath:

Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
These “Heel Stone” beers would have in all probability tasted scrumptious to the builders of Stonehenge!


I can think about that many individuals see Stonehenge as “only a pile of boulders”. In comparison with constructions such because the Pyramids in Egypt, the entire thing might not look very spectacular at this time (effectively, for historical past geeks like myself, in fact they do look spectacular).

Right here’s what you’re taking a look at, and what Stonehenge should have regarded like in its heyday:

  • The stones of the central cluster, which had been delivered to the positioning round 2500 BC, are of two varieties: the bigger sarsens and the smaller bluestones.
  • The sarsens had been erected in two concentric preparations: the interior one is a horseshoe of 5 trilithons (two vertical stones capped by a horizontal lintel). Three of those are nonetheless utterly upright.
  • Across the horseshoe you’ll be able to see the stays of the outer sarsen circle, capped with lintels. There have been in all probability 30 stones on this circle as soon as, however many have fallen and a lot of the lintels and some uprights are lacking.
  • Close to the middle is the “Altar Stone“, which is basically buried underneath the fallen stone of the very best trilithon.
  • There are a number of different stones round Stonehenge. Two of the 4 “Station Stones” are nonetheless of their unique place, marking the corners of a rectangle. These may very well be associated to the erection of Stonehenge or to the alignment of the solstice, which we’ll speak about later.
  • Instantly exterior the northeast entrance you will discover the “Heel Stone“, an enormous unformed sarsen boulder. It could have been an early stone on the positioning, standing up from its unique place close by.
  • Additionally on the northeast entrance you’ll discover the “Slaughter Stone“, a fallen sarsen that when stood upright with one or two different stones throughout the entry highway.
  • From the doorway of the enclosure runs the “Avenue“, constructed to hyperlink Stonehenge to the River Avon and the small henge on the financial institution, found in 2008, in West Amesbury. The development of this processional route confirmed Stonehenge’s sacred standing.

Be taught extra about Stonehenge on this detailed map of Stonehenge and see all of the stones, holes and different markings on the English Heritage web site >

Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester


There are lots of myths about Stonehenge, however what precisely was the monument for? Was it a Druid temple? An astronomical laptop for predicting eclipses and photo voltaic occasions? A spot of worship? A coronation place for kings? A middle for therapeutic? There are numerous (typically considerably wild) theories on the market.

We’ll by no means know for positive, however Stonehenge was positively a spot the place the course of the solar was noticed and celebrated for tons of of years.

Within the centuries that adopted, nevertheless, few monuments of photo voltaic significance had been constructed. The introduction of steel to Britain and Eire about 4300 years in the past enabled cosmological beliefs, represented by Stonehenge and different monuments, in a spread of wearable objects.

The influence of this was nice, as beforehand there have been solely everlasting monuments to look at and worship the solar at set occasions of the yr – and now you could possibly have your personal private connection to the heavens above by holding its picture in particular person, and even put on it.

Gold discs, particularly, turned the image of the solar cult, marking a believer or pilgrim getting back from locations resembling Stonehenge.

Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester


Marking the passage of time was essential to many historical cultures. For the folks of Stonehenge who had been farmers, grew crops and herded animals, it was essential to know when the seasons modified. The summer time and winter “solstice” was an actual benchmark for this.

A solstice is the time or date (twice a yr) when the solar reaches its most or minimal declination, marked by the longest and shortest days. This falls round June 21 and December 22 yearly. Stonehenge is completely attuned to the actions of the solar.

At Stonehenge, in the course of the summer time solstice, the solar rises behind the Heel Stone within the northeastern a part of the horizon and its first rays shine into the center of Stonehenge.

Throughout the winter solstice, should you stand within the entrance of the enclosure and look in the direction of the middle of the stones, you’ll be able to see the solar setting within the southwestern a part of the horizon.

The winter solstice might have been extra essential than the summer time solstice to the individuals who constructed and used Stonehenge. Excavations at Durrington Partitions (a Neolithic settlement simply over 2 miles (3 kilometers) from Stonehenge) recommend that folks held enormous celebrations round this time of yr.

You may learn far more in regards to the solstice at Stonehenge on the English Heritage web site >

Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
Don't Miss: The World of Stonehenge Exhibition British Museum London || The Travel Tester
Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester


About 3700 years in the past, Stonehenge was on the coronary heart of the densest focus of burial mounds in Britain, together with a few of the richest in Europe. The emphasis had shifted from constructing communal monuments to erecting mounds in cemeteries.

About 3500 years in the past, the affect of the Stonehenge area started to wane. Communities on the south coast of England sought social and political relationships in continental Europe, which turned an more and more essential supply of priceless bronze.

As new forms of objects emerged, so did new concepts about providing treasured gadgets to repay or search safety from nature or ancestral spirits. Older spiritual beliefs and the function of monuments resembling Stonehenge turned much less influential consequently.

The arrival of the “Beaker Individuals” in England round 2500 was a turning level on the earth of Stonehenge. Whereas it’s attainable that a few of the early newcomers assisted or impressed the nice achievements in stone, additionally it is clear that that they had completely different priorities and beliefs.

Fragments of bluestone discovered on the web site round this time recommend that the monument was reworked and even destroyed. Elsewhere, henges had been damaged up and dismantled. Building of a majority of these monuments slowed dramatically as dying and the afterlife turned dominant cultural issues.

The world modified, and can all the time change… and Stonehenge is an attractive reminder of this.

Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
Don't Miss: The World of Stonehenge Exhibition British Museum London || The Travel Tester
Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester


The museum means that you can uncover the story of Stonehenge and study extra in regards to the stones, the panorama, the folks and their significance, by a mix of audiovisual experiences and greater than 250 archaeological artifacts found within the panorama.

You’ll see every little thing from jewellery, pottery and instruments to historical human stays. A lot of this stuff are on mortgage from the Salisbury Museum and Wiltshire Museum. You may view the highlights of the gathering on the English Heritage web site >

There are additionally common particular exhibitions within the customer heart.

TIP: There’s a common bus service between the customer heart and the stone circle in case you are not in a position to stroll. This takes about 10 minutes.

Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
Nick appeared extra impressed with the roof of the museum than with the outdated construction of Stonehenge, haha!
Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester


Attention-grabbing to go to are the reconstructions of 5 Neolithic homes, that are primarily based on archaeological proof of homes discovered at Durrington Partitions.

Relationship confirmed that these homes had been inhabited for about 50-100 years in about 2500 BC, the very time the sarsen stones had been erected at Stonehenge. So it is rather seemingly that the folks dwelling in these homes had been concerned within the building and celebrations at Stonehenge.

Every room had a chalk flooring, a hearth, and partitions made with poles. Some had traces of furnishings and chalk partitions.

All homes are made by volunteers in an genuine manner with native supplies. On some days they’re additionally there to speak to you in regards to the homes and exhibit the day-to-day actions of Stonehenge’s builders, from grinding grain to creating rope from rushes.

Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
To provide you an thought of how enormous the Stonehenge stones are, a reproduction sarsen stone could be discovered behind the customer heart.


No, sadly the doorway to Stonehenge is paid. The fee is £20 for adults and £12 for youngsters aged 5-17. There are additionally household tickets on the market, see the underside of this weblog.

A go to is free for English Heritage members. Verify their web site for extra info and to seek out essentially the most present Stonehenge costs.


You don’t have to e-book your ticket upfront, however you’ll all the time get one of the best value and assured entry by reserving on-line earlier than your go to.

For tickets, go to the English Heritage web site >


This was all the time there, however these days there isn’t any longer an audio information you can hire on the customer heart. I don’t know if that is due to the pandemic or if it’ll come again sooner or later.

For now, you’ll be able to obtain a free audio tour from the Apple App Retailer or Google Play Retailer. previous to your go to. Don’t overlook to carry your headphones!

Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester


The inside of the stone circle at Stonehenge shouldn’t be solely particular but additionally very tight, so it isn’t only for everybody to go to. With the particular “Stone Circle Expertise” you may get as near the stones as attainable within the early morning or night with as much as 30 folks per session.

With no different folks apart from your group at Stonehenge, you’ll have 45 minutes to wander among the many stones and uncover all of the fascinating particulars that may solely be seen up shut. An skilled information will reply all your questions and assist you to take as many images as you want.

The fee for this distinctive expertise is £48 for adults (18+) and £29 for youngsters aged 5-17. Youngsters underneath 5 are free. Reductions can be found for English Heritage members.

E-book this expertise on the English Heritage web site >

Would you moderately spend your cash on one thing else? Then you’ll be able to entry this interactive tour of Stonehenge, which provides you with a 360 diploma view from the within of the monument >

Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester


Quick reply: no.

Not you can get near the monument throughout your stroll, but additionally in the course of the particular “Stone Circle Expertise” you aren’t allowed to face on the stones or contact them.

Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
With an honest digicam you may get shut sufficient!
Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester
Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester


The Stonehenge World Heritage Web site is big: it’s an space 7.5 occasions the scale of New York‘s Central Park! Need to know extra enjoyable details about Stonehenge? Then learn on:

  1. The typical Stonehenge sarsen weighs 25 tons. The biggest stone, the Heel Stone, weighs about 30 tons!
  2. A few of Stonehenge’s stones are even greater than they appear. For instance, “Stone 56“, the very best standing stone on the positioning, protrudes 2.13 meters above the bottom, however with the half that’s underground, it measures a minimum of 8.71 meters!
  3. Stonehenge was purchased at public sale in 1915 for £6600 by native businessman Cecil Chubb, who (allegedly) got here to the public sale to purchase some eating room chairs.
  4. About 1500 Roman artifacts have been discovered at Stonehenge, together with cash, pins, jewellery and fragments of pottery. Not solely had been these left by Roman vacationers, they’re mentioned to have been left behind by folks visiting Stonehenge as a shrine – giant pits had been dug within the monument on the time as effectively.
  5. Stonehenge, together with Avebury, was one of many very first websites within the UK to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Checklist in 1986.
  6. Stonehenge is extra than simply the stone circle. Half of the World Heritage Web site of Stonehenge comprises greater than 700 recognized archaeological websites, together with greater than 180 scheduled monuments resembling henges, wood constructions, enclosures and plenty of burial mounds.
  7. Need to see distinctive historic Stonehenge images? Then click on by to the web site of English Heritage >
  8. This boy constructed a LEGO Stonehenge from 7000 blocks… you simply must find time for it! >
Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester


After studying this text you’ll already know rather a lot in regards to the historical past of Stonehenge, the development of the stone circle and the tales and myths about Stonehenge and the individuals who lived within the space. What do you suppose? Would a go to be definitely worth the pretty lengthy journey time from London?

I actually suppose so! My father is an archaeologist, so I grew up with the concept it is very important map historical past and move that information on to new generations. Partly due to this, I believe {that a} go to to Stonehenge has additional worth for me.

Seeing objects and nature that’s so many 1000’s of years outdated, that all the time has one thing particular, one thing that you just can’t expertise on-line. I actually suppose Stonehenge is an icon of the previous and perceive why it’s nonetheless the topic of many work and poems and has been featured in so many books, music and movies.

If you’re planning a visit to southern England, I can positively suggest a go to to Stonehenge. If solely to type your personal opinion. Will you let me know the way you preferred it?

Visiting Stonehenge From London: Is It Worth It? || The Travel Tester



Tackle – Salisbury SP4 7DE, United Kingdom
Stonehenge Hours – Monday, Wednesday to Sunday from 09:30 to 19:00. Closed on Tuesday! PLEASE NOTE: There could also be adjusted Stonehenge occasions attributable to sure occasions. All the time seek the advice of the English Heritage web site for up-to-date info.
Stonehenge Entrance Charge – £20 (adults), £12 (youngster 5-17 years), £52 (household with 2 adults and as much as 3 kids), £32 (household with 1 grownup and as much as 3 kids), free for members.
Disclaimer We paid for this exercise ourselves.
Accessibility – Stonehenge’s customer amenities have been designed to be as accessible as attainable. There are, amongst different issues, accessible bathrooms, there’s a altering room for adults, you’ll be able to borrow wheelchairs and the stone circle is totally wheelchair accessible.
Learn how to Get There – Scroll a little bit additional down for details about visiting Stonehenge by automotive, practice or bus. We’ve sorted all of it out only for you!
Lodging – Have a look at and scroll down for an entire checklist of strategies.



Are you going to go to Stonehenge from London by automotive? Then the monument is signposted from the A303, coming from the A360.

In your SAT NAV you enter:

  • Postal code: SP4 7DE
  • Lat: 51.1831565223
  • Lon: -1.85887471623

You may park on web site. It’s important to pay for this, however you’re going to get the cash again after buying your ticket for Stonehenge. There are additionally particular parking areas for motorhomes.

TIP (or moderately a warning): Driving from London to Stonehenge theoretically takes 2 hours from the middle of London, however take into account that it typically takes greater than an hour to get out of the town within the first place and that on the only highway previous Stonehenge there may be all the time a spectacular visitors jam. The final time it took us 5(!!) hours by automotive. Simply so you realize 🙂

I personally wouldn’t do a day journey, the gap is known as a lot greater than you suppose. On the way in which again from Stonehenge to London, why not e-book one or two extra nights in a pleasant resort? Thank me later, haha. Fortuitously, there’s a lot to see within the space, for instance the inexperienced New Forest!


Sure, you’ll be able to, however not all the way in which to Stonehenge itself. That is the route:

The London to Stonehenge practice is known as “South Western Railway” and departs from London Waterloo. After roughly 1.5 hours (5 stops) you’ll arrive at Salisbury station.

There aren’t any public buses to Stonehenge from Salisbury, however you’ll be able to select to purchase a ticket for the hop-on, hop-off “Stonehenge Tour” bus.

That is principally a tour lasting simply over an hour (together with stops at Previous Sarum and Salisbury Cathedral + on the bus dwell protection from a information on the historical past of the world) – however your ticket additionally means that you can journey from Salisbury to the Stonehenge Guests Centre, this takes about half an hour.

The next tickets can be found:

  • Bus solely (£17 – adults, £11.50 – kids 5 – 15 years)
  • Together with entry to Stonehenge and Previous Sarum (£35.50 adults, £23.50 kids 5 – 15 years)
  • Together with entry to Stonehenge, Previous Sarum, & Salisbury Cathedral (£42 adults, £28.50 kids 5 – 15 years)

Your ticket is legitimate all day, so you’ll be able to take the bus as typically as you want, or simply forwards and backwards from Salisbury to the Customer Heart.

The bus departs from the practice station in Salisbury Practice Station, in addition to from Cease U on New Canal and Catherine Road in Salisbury.

With this mixture of practice and bus you’ll be able to depend on a complete of simply over 2 hours journey time a technique, or simply over 3 hours should you do all the bus tour. Now you perceive why going up and down from London to Stonehenge is kind of an endeavor, and I can’t actually suggest it!

For extra info, go to the web site of South Western Railway, Connecting Wiltshire en The Stonehenge Tour.


Touring from London to Stonehenge by bus shouldn’t be actually the best choice.

There aren’t any direct buses (solely a Nationwide Specific bus to Southampton, after that you just nonetheless must take a practice and a bus) and in whole it takes virtually 4 hours a technique.

The journey by practice together with the Stonehenge Tour bus is due to this fact a better option, or you could possibly go for an organized bus tour, as now we have already advised above.


From Salisbury to Stonehenge there isn’t any peculiar “metropolis bus”, the one possibility is the particular “Stonehenge Tour” bus that takes you to the Stonehenge Guests Heart in 33 minutes.

Extra details about this hop-on-hop-off bus could be discovered above underneath the part in regards to the practice.


Travelling from Tub to Stonehenge is finest achieved in a mix of practice and bus.

From Tub to Stonehenge take the “GWR” (Nice Western Rail) to Salisbury. This takes about an hour (5 stops). From Salisbury take the “Stonehenge Tour” bus as described above.

When you journey by automotive, it’ll take you about 50 minutes (not counting visitors jams round Stonehenge, haha)

For extra info, go to the Nice Western Railway web site or search for tickets on the inexpensive reserving web site OMIO.


Stonehenge Resorts

Stonehenge Cottages

Stonehenge Residences

Stonehenge Tenting

Stonehenge Trip Properties

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