Lyonna Lyu Digital and Graphic Artist Impressed by Historical Eritrean Arts – African Digital Artwork

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Lyonna Lyu is a self-taught illustrator and iconographer using NFTs as a preservation device. Lyonna incorporates Eritrean heritage, narratives, and historical past whereas reimagining an historic inventive kinds. Some items are political and social critiques in nature, reflecting our world from an African diasporic lens.

After I create, I take into consideration my household’s determination to journey to America, how the time and place of the place I stand influences my perspective and the way I navigate via life. I consider the 1000’s of people that got here earlier than me, who’s tales I’ll not know however embody. The wonder in life is how individualistic our tales are whereas concurrently related to the previous, current, and way forward for humanity’s timeline.

I need folks to contemplate how various our lives are and the way in another way persons are experiencing life on the identical planet and even in these variations, we’re capable of find the ties between differing cultures and communities. I purpose to inform extra tales of what would have been forgotten, misplaced in time, destroyed in battle, and even retold from an outsider’s lens.

Artwork permits us to be susceptible, to share items of ourselves and our historical past from a definite perspective. Artwork permits us to find out about our previous and reconnect with previous traditions as we construct our futures. Documented data—written, drawn or digitally created—are the first purpose we’re capable of study something about our previous civilizations and customs. By minting my illustrations as NFTs, I’m capable of personal the narrative backed by a expertise which sustains the paintings completely.



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