Limousin Cows – Breed Profile, Traits and Info

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If you wish to discover out every little thing there’s to find out about Limousin cows we’ve obtained the entire data you want.

On this quick but concise article we are going to go over the breed profile, its most important traits, quite a few makes use of and whether or not or not it’s best to go for them or not.

So, let’s not waste any extra time and as an alternative hop proper into every little thing you can ever wish to find out about Limousin cows, beginning off with the fundamentals:

Limousin Cattle Origins and Historical past 

Limousin Cattle Origins
British Limousin Cattle Society /

We will’t say for positive when the primary Limousin cows got here into being, and for good cause too.

Now we have come throughout a number of historic cave drawings that appear to depict this breed way back to 20,000 years in the past.

These work have been found within the Lascaux Caves close to Montignac, France, and the cows which can be depicted listed here are similar to the Limousin cats we see right this moment.

With that being stated, the French Limousin cow breed was particularly fashionable within the Western Massif Central inside France.

Over there, the breed needed to endure a really wet and harsh surroundings coupled with a disadvantaged granite earth.

This made it very tough to domesticate subject crops, and as such, animal farming was out of the query for lots of people.

Nonetheless, the those that did select to tackle this problem ended up having to cope with loads of hardships, which might ultimately assist the Limousin cow breed evolve exponentially.

The principle distinction that got here out of this time interval was the breed’s total toughness.

Archies Limousins
Archies Limousins /

Even to today, Limousin cows are thought-about to be amongst the hardiest cows you can go for. Not solely that however they’re additionally identified for exhibiting the next traits:

  • Their flexibility
  • Their well-being
  • Their top quality beef

Apparently sufficient, the primary cause as to why this breed is so distinctive is the truth that it was hidden far-off from the remainder of the world.

The dearth of pure reserves right here made it unimaginable for the farmers to breed their cows with any different breeds.

As such, this breed managed to retain its authenticity over time, so their toughness was by no means “bred out” of them by chance.

Afterward down the road, the Limousin cattle grew to become fairly fashionable for 2 most important functions:

  • Guide labor animals
  • Beef manufacturing

When it got here to the handbook labor half, only a few different cow breeds may rival the Limousin cow again within the day.

Limousin cattle Grazing
Photograph By Rob Steward /

These cows made fairly a identify for themselves as beasts of labor, to the purpose the place this was really the primary cause as to why they have been purchased then.

Nonetheless, that’s to not say that this was the one cause as to why they have been fashionable.

The truth is, these cows are additionally famend for his or her beef high quality. The humorous factor about that is that again within the day, they have been a working meat supply.

However because the years handed and farmers realized the top quality of their beef, they shortly grew to become a extremely specialised beef supply for a lot of.

Because of this the Limousin cow breed additionally grew to become often known as the “butcher’s animal” in France.

Limousin Cows’ Look

Limousin Cows’ Appearance
NI Limousin Cattle Membership /

With regards to their normal look, that is what it’s best to know in regards to the Limousin cow breed:

  • Their physique may be very cumbersome
  • They’re very lean
  • They’ve a strong-boned construct

So far as their dimension is worried, most females will weigh in at round 650kg or 1430lbs every whereas the males however will simply high out at 1,000kg or 2,200lbs every.

They sport a fairly small head dimension and their physique is reasonably compact with a broad temple. Their neck is simply as small however their muzzle is kind of vast.

Limousin cow
Photograph By yvonne /

For probably the most half, they sport a golden-red coat with dimmer shades within the following areas round their physique:

  • Below the abdomen
  • The internal thighs
  • Across the muzzle and the eyes
  • On the finish of the tail

On the similar time, we must always point out right here that their pores and skin doesn’t have any pigmentation to it, so in case your Limousin cow does have that function, they aren’t a purebred Limousin.

Limousin cows might also have black heredities. These cows are particular in that they show a shade distinction of their very own.

The calves are born both brown or gentle fawn, and as they get older that steadily adjustments to a black coat. Grownup black cows might also be streaked with brown hairs throughout their coats.

The horns of the Limousin cows are yellow on the backside, and as you get nearer and nearer to the guidelines, they’ll additionally steadily get darker and darker.

These horns are straight and as you’ll be able to see, they curl forwards and upwards.

Limousin Cows Statistics

Limousin Cows Statistics

The Limousin cow breed is named an early-growing species that may simply give you the lean tender beef that’s required by shops and suppliers.

These days they’re known as the carcass species, for the next causes:

  • They give you a considerable amount of beef with a small quantity of bone and fats
  • They’ve a outstanding excessive meat yield of 73.3%

What’s spectacular to notice right here is that based on a research that was performed not too long ago into beef manufacturing, 98% of the carcasses of suckled three-quarter breed Limousin cattle calves have a -U or larger rankings.

One other factor to maintain a be aware of in terms of the Limousin cows is the truth that their beef high quality additionally stays excessive in high quality no matter once you butcher them.

Because of this, the Limousin cows guarantee a good output at a a lot cheaper price.

The bulls listed here are additionally value mentioning as they’re very fertile, and their good genes are simply handed on to their calves, whatever the feminine’s breed.

Limousin Cow Herd
Kivlean Limousin Beef Cattle /

The calves are additionally very small at delivery, which works out of their favor as this ensures a simple delivery for the moms.

The Limousin cows are additionally identified for consuming any and all high quality feed, which makes them fairly environment friendly no matter your price range.

Business producers have additionally said the next concerning Limousin crossbreeds:

  • They’ve a big larger weight acquire per kg of meals eaten over some other cow breed
  • These cows additionally do very nicely on a smaller space of land

Limousin-Holstein Friesian Cross Breeds Versus Purebred Limousin Cows

Limousin-Holstein Friesian Cross Breeds Versus Purebred Limousin Cows
Photograph by Pascvii /

As talked about beforehand, when crossbreeding Limousin cows, it’s essential to notice that solely their greatest traits are handed onto their offspring.

That being stated, this crossbreeding is definitely highly regarded as a result of it will possibly actually assist good the standard of the meat, making it higher suited to the industrial meat manufacturing.

On the similar time, crossing them with Holstein Friesian cows will end result of their three-quarter offspring having carcasses of comparable worth and high quality to the pure cattle breeds.

The purebred Limousin cattle females are particularly fashionable for the next causes:

  • They make for nice suckler cows
  • They function a sensible marketable choice for farmers that choose closed herds
  • They’re extremely fertile
  • They’ve a robust milking capability
  • Birthing is simple for them, and there are hardly ever any problems

With that being stated, crossbreeding shouldn’t be utterly out of the query both, because it ensures energetic calves that carry the most effective qualities of the Limousin cow breed.

The Essential Makes use of of the Limousin Cows

Limousin cattle uses

With regards to their normal function in your farm, these are the primary causes as to why anybody would wish to elevate Limousin cows:

  • Their beef manufacturing
  • Their milk manufacturing
  • Their suckler function
  • Crossbreeding

Limousin Beef High quality and Demand

Limousin Beef Quality
Limousin Cattle Breeders Southern Africa /

The one factor we are able to safely say in regards to the beef market is that it doesn’t matter what occurs on this world, the costs won’t ever totally drop down altogether.

This isn’t to say that sure beef gained’t outshine different beef, however fortunately you gained’t ever have to fret about Limousin beef dropping down anytime quickly.

Here’s what it’s best to know in regards to the Limousin cows so far as their beef is worried:

  • Their feed effectivity is like no different
  • They eat lower than different cows of the identical dimension
  • Their beef is taken into account to be juicier and extra scrumptious than most different industrial breeds’

Should you do resolve to boost your cows for his or her beef, you must also know that their offspring will garner a good worth at any stage of their life.

Limousin cattle

Limousin cattle and Angus crossbreeds are additionally particularly fashionable for the next causes:

  • They produce loads of beef
  • That beef has loads of marbling to it
  • It makes their meat much more tender and attractive

Another excuse as to why they’re so beloved available on the market is their fortified immunity.

Due to this, they very hardly ever find yourself with any severe bovine problems, so you’ll be able to count on to have much less losses over time than you’d with some other breed or crossbreed.

The Limousin beef can be known as first-rate meat. As such, it fetches you a pleasant worth on most marketplaces as they’re listed off as premium with the right fats share and excessive kill-out proportions.

Final however not least we wish to point out the reality that these cows are extraordinarily efficient feed converters, so that they require much less funding however they yearn larger income on the similar time.

Limousin Milk High quality and Demand

Limousin Cattle Milk Quality

The Limousin cattle could also be an unbelievable alternative in terms of their beef manufacturing, however so far as their milk manufacturing is worried, they actually simply fall flat on their head.

Nonetheless, we must always point out right here how despite the fact that their milk manufacturing isn’t all that nice, the Limousin cow breed has made a reputation for itself on the multipurpose market.

What this implies is that their beef is so unbelievable, that many dairy farmers have additionally began to boost limousine cows for beef and dairy functions.

Limousin Cows as Herd Sucklers

Limousin Cows as Herd Sucklers

Limousin cattle are identified for being mid-sized cows that function the next traits:

  • Distinctive maternal instincts
  • Elevated fertility
  • Elevated calving capabilities
  • Milk manufacturing
  • Excessive-quality meat manufacturing

Whereas we did point out how their milk manufacturing is just not precisely stellar, with them barely with the ability to produce 8kg of milk per day at most, they’ll nonetheless use that milk for his or her calves.

On the similar time, these cows may even give you larger eat high quality and the power to present delivery to extra high-quality meat animals like themselves.

On high of that, Limousin cows are particularly fashionable for suckler farms for the next causes:

  • Simple calving
  • Low-maintenance
  • Excessive efficiency
  • Excessive yield
  • Elevated progeny
Limousin calf
Photograph By Budimir Jevtic /

On high of that, Limousin cows are additionally identified for the next causes:

  • They supply woth simple calving with energetic offspring
  • They don’t want loads of assist from the farmers earlier than and after delivery
  • They require much less vet visits due to their toughness
  • They supply extra stay muscular calves which might then be offered off simpler

Final however not least, we must always point out right here how with the intention to make a revenue on a suckler farm, that you must at all times be able to promote your wares.

That is the place Limousin cows shine, as they’ll simply be offered as weanings with cows being reserved as breeding substitutes which might both be offered to be butchered or to be bred with a unique cow or bull.

Limousin Crossbreeding

Limousin Crossbreeding
Photograph By yvonne /

Crossbreeding Limousin cows is definitely a really worthwhile enterprise follow that doesn’t appear to be slowing down in income anytime quickly.

Since this breed has been round for therefore a few years, it shouldn’t shock you that it additionally developed fairly a handful of spectacular traits.

Most notably, crossbreeding Limousin cattle with different cows will result in the next traits being handed onto their offspring:

  • They are going to have improved stamina
  • The hybrids may have a bigger body and better high quality meat
  • Their feed conversion will likely be enhanced exponentially

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Elevating Limousin Cows

Limousin Cattle Breeders
Limousin Cattle Breeders Southern Africa /

As you’ll be able to count on from most any breed on the market, Limousin cows include their very own share of execs and cons.

So far as their benefits are involved, that is what it’s best to count on from them:

  • They’ll acclimatize to most any local weather in any way, together with actually chilly and moist environments so long as they’ve a correct shelter to cover behind
  • Their feed effectivity is famous to say the least
  • They’ve very lengthy lifespans, with most of them with the ability to stay previous 8 years with ease
  • Each the males and the females are very fertile
  • They very hardly ever have any problems through the birthing course of
  • They’ve very excessive calf exercise
  • Their carcass is notably cumbersome and high-yielding
  • Because of their feed effectivity and the lesser variety of vet visits you’ll need to undertake; Limousin cows are thought-about to be value efficient animals too
  • Their meat is lean, juicy and stuffed with marbling which makes it extremely marketable
Limousin Cow heifers
Fullblood Limousin of America /

As you’ll be able to count on from any breed in any way although, Limousin cows additionally include their fair proportion of disadvantages, together with the next:

  • They’re aggressive by nature they usually have additionally been identified to hit different individuals out of frustration
  • Their milk manufacturing is sub-par
  • They don’t do nicely with different breeds as they attempt to dominate them more often than not which regularly occasions ends in one in all them getting harm

Limousin Cattle FAQs

Limousin Cows
Photograph By yvonne /

Are Limousin Cows Good to Eat?

Limousin cows are particularly fashionable for his or her meat, which is taken into account to be each scrumptious and attractive on the similar time, that includes a fair proportion of marbling too.

What Are Limousin Cattle Good For?

This breed is believed to have first been developed someplace in central France within the province of Limousin. Right here, the breed was used for 2 most important functions:

These days although, the breed has additionally discovered its method within the crossbreeding and milk manufacturing industries.

Are Limousin Cows Good for Meat?

The Limousin beef is taken into account to be a delicacy for a lot of eating places because of its low proportion of bone and fats and its total marbling.

Are Limousin Cattle Hardy?

Contemplating the situations that they needed to adapt by, it shouldn’t come off as a shock that Limousin cows are particularly hardy.

Are Limousin Cattle Aggressive?

Limousin cows are pretty aggressive animals that it’s best to by no means decrease your guard round.

They’ve been identified to assault farmers and caretakers once they least count on it, so at all times proceed with warning round Limousin cows.


As you’ll be able to see right here, elevating Limousin cattle has much more benefits than disadvantages.

On the similar time, should you worth your employees’ well being and you’re feeling like you’ll be able to’t assure their security round these comparatively aggressive cows, we completely perceive too.

Nonetheless, if you wish to make a hefty revenue and you may make investments a bit extra into your employees’ security, there’s no actual cause to not make investments into Limousin cows.


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