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The Sixties is often known as the golden period for purebred cattle breeding within the US, and for good purpose too.

Throughout this time interval, a really giant variety of cow breeds have been recorded in breed registries they usually have been all documented to the purpose the place we all know precisely what was used to create what.

Subsequent up got here the 70s and the 80s, throughout which the European Cattle or exotics have been added to the combination and delivered to the purebred breeders.

That is when some huge cash was poured into creating elaborated services which produced top quality cattle not like something we’d ever seen earlier than.

The cattle that have been produced round this time interval all had humorous names they usually all got here in all kinds of various styles and sizes. This was an indication of their occasions, because the cattle trade was experimenting with what may very well be accomplished and what must be accomplished greater than ever earlier than.

That is additionally the interval throughout which breeds such because the Simmental, the Limousin, the Gelbvieh and the Chianina gained plenty of traction within the US.

Gelbvieh cow and calf
Australian Gelbvieh Affiliation /

These days, the meat trade is believed to have entered into an period of biotechnology, as we now have a a lot clearer understanding of which path we must always take with our crossbreeding practices.

The elevated competitors on the open market has additionally led to the manufacturing of extra environment friendly and productive animals, which is why plenty of these older breeds fell into obscurity by now.

Fortunately, there may be one breed that’s nonetheless actively wanted even to today, and that’s the aforementioned Gelbvieh cow breed.

It’s the go-to possibility for lots of people that wish to capitalize on these conventional cows. However, if you wish to really get your arms on one, there are greater than a handful of issues you must know beforehand. This stuff embody:

Gelbvieh Cattle: Origins and Historical past

Gelbvieh Cow breed

The Gelbvieh breed is thought for coming from Bavaria, Germany, across the early 1800s. It was probably the greatest triple-purpose breeds in the marketplace again within the day.

Being a big animal, it shouldn’t come off as a shock that it was a fan-favorite alternative for its meat manufacturing. On the similar time, it was and nonetheless is able to producing plenty of milk, which makes it an amazing possibility all-around to take a position into.

On the similar time, due to its giant dimension, the Gelbvieh cow breed was additionally a very fashionable draught animal to have round your farm, therefore the triple-purpose tagline.

It’s believed to have been the product of a number of native strains of the Crimson-Yellow Francovian cows on the time.

The identify “Gelbvieh” can also be attention-grabbing, because it interprets straight into “yellow cattle”, which is a reference to its heritage.

Gelbvieh cows origins

To be able to be sure that this breed’s distinctive traits wouldn’t be misplaced to the passage of time, a breed society was established in Germany across the yr 1899.

Within the yr 1976, the semen of 1 such Gelbvieh bull was despatched over to Australia, the place the breeders hoped to place it to good use.

Sadly, it took them up till 1979 to really put their plan into motion. This passed off in Queensland, and from that sperm got here a complete slew of Gelbvieh cows that modified the cattle market as we all know it even to today.

In 1989, as many as 7,000 completely different animals had been registered within the breed society, which is a testomony to the breed’s recognition on the time.

Curiously sufficient although, the very first purebred, graded-up Gelbvieh cow is believed to have been recorded within the yr 1991 by the Norolle Cattle Firm, Millmerran, Queensland.

After seeing the potential of this breed, the breeders on the time requested a variety of Gelbvieh stay animals, semen and embryos in an effort to take full benefit of it.

Gelbvieh Cattle Traits

Gelbvieh cattle
Picture: Michael w /

The standard Gelbvieh cow is thought for being medium-sized, maternal and really sturdy regardless of not being the largest breed on the market.

These cows are likely to have quick coats which could be something from black to honey coloured so far as the bottom colour is worried.

Most bulls can weigh in at round 1,000kg or 2,200lbs every, whereas the cows on the opposite finish are likely to weigh in at round 750kg or 1600lbs every.

Once they’re born, the calves are likely to weigh in at round 37.5kg or 80lbs, though in some circumstances they’ll range.

Whereas again within the day, the Gelbvieh breed was identified for being horned, there was a proclivity in direction of polled animals as of late, which is why this trait has been bred out of the usual cow.

Nonetheless, in case you’re on the lookout for a horned Gelbvieh cow you must nonetheless be capable of get one in case you search exhausting sufficient for it.

Black Gelbvieh male

However for essentially the most half you’ll be able to anticipate most Gelbvieh cows to be polled, because the nice majority of Gelbvieh breeders round Australia and North America have particularly chosen polled gene carriers to do the breeding for them.

One other key attribute of the Gelbvieh cow breed that we’ll argue for till our last breath is the truth that these cows are exceptionally docile.

They’re identified for having a really quiet temperament, nearly to a fault. They’re very light creatures that can keep away from bother in any respect prices.

This in itself makes them very simple to deal with, as even below excessive strain they have an inclination to stay their lives stress-free.

On the similar time, the very fact that they’re so calm works out of their favor because it implies that even throughout transportation and previous to the butchering they may stay calm, which can hold their carcasses from hardening up.

Final however not least we must always point out how their full pores and skin pigmentation makes them succesful to adapt to scorching environments with ease.

For instance, a number of Gelbvieh cattle have been despatched over to South Africa, the place they’d reportedly tailored to each the blazing warmth and the fixed ticks. This can be a testomony to the breed’s general hardiness.

The Early Puberty of the Gelbvieh Cow Breed

Gelbvieh Cow Breed Early Puberty

Again within the 70s, the Meat Animal Analysis Heart at Clay Heart, Nebraska, USA begun a comparative testing between the most well-liked breeds on the time.

So, for the subsequent decade or so, they examined out all the things there was to those breeds, evaluating them with each other to formally set up which ones was the superior alternative for the common farmer.

By this, they found the truth that the Gelbvieh scored extremely by way of maternal traits in addition to within the “weaning weight per cow uncovered to breeding” class.

In addition they found the truth that the Gelbvieh breed has the earliest puberty of some other beef breed on the time outdoors of the Jersey cow breed.

So, you’ll be able to anticipate your Gelbvieh cow to be joined at 12 months and for her to calve at 21 months, which is loads sooner than the common 24 months.

All of this collectively makes the first-calf Gelbvieh heifer 15 months earlier than it will probably calve once more as a 3-year-old.

This in itself is a big benefit for the Gelbvieh heifers, as they’ll proceed to develop whereas they feed their calves, and as quickly as their physique is healed, they’re all able to have one other being pregnant.

The calves themselves are on the smaller facet of the spectrum, however understand that they can even develop pretty shortly so long as they’ve entry to their dams’ milk.

Gelbvieh Cows: Fertility and Leanness

Gelbvieh Cows Fertility and Leanness

The Gelbvieh cow breed is thought for being extremely fertile, with most of them being able to producing excessive weaning models of over 200kg in 7 months or so. Their yearling charges are additionally up there, with them being normally larger than 300kg per common.

So far as their meat is worried, you must know that the Gelbvieh beef is thought for its general leanness.

Of the entire breeds that have been studied by the Meat Animal Analysis Heart, the Gelbvieh had the most important rib eye muscle space per 100kg. As such, you’ll be able to anticipate them to have a excessive cutout yield for certain.

Due to this and extra, Gelbvieh cows are primarily utilized in cross-breeding packages in an effort to additional improve maternal performances, weaner marketability and naturally, carcass high quality.

Again within the yr 2000, a examine was performed by the Composite Cattle Breeders Affiliation of America, throughout which they examined out breeding plans for composite cattle.

That they had a complete of 100 completely different individuals happen in ten breeding packages on the time, out of which eight used Gelbvieh as their European element.

Due to this and extra, the Gelbvieh cow breed has been extensively considered the “Continental breed of Selection” by the affiliation.

The Fundamental Promoting Factors of the Gelbvieh Cow Breed

Ledgerwood Gelbvieh
Ledgerwood Gelbvieh /

In case you are seeking to get your arms on a Gelbvieh cow, then you must check out all the things that they’ve to supply beforehand so that you perceive precisely what you’re investing your hard-earned cash into.

So, with that being mentioned, these are the principle promoting factors that you must know in regards to the Gelbvieh cow breed:

  • They’ve a smooth-coated cowl which works wonders in conserving them cool when uncovered to excessive temperatures
  • They’ve naturally sturdy hooves, which makes them hardier than different breeds to hoof sicknesses and illnesses
  • They’ve strolling capability, which is a trait that they adopted over time after getting used as draught animals for therefore a few years prior to now
  • They’ve a really docile mood, which once more works of their favor once they’re taken to be slaughtered as they don’t tense up which retains their carcasses tasty and tender
  • They’ve good pigmentation
  • They’ve a wonderful structure, which once more retains them away from well being issues
  • They’ve a medium body, which works wonders contemplating simply how a lot high quality meat you will get from that
  • Their milk manufacturing is stellar, and whereas they is probably not essentially the most proficient milk producers on the market, contemplating the truth that they’re triple-purpose animals, they’re fairly good at each single a kind of makes use of
  • They’ve a excessive dressing share
  • They function common day by day achieve, particularly so once they’re calves as they have an inclination to double in dimension very quickly
  • They’ve a robust maternal capability, which can also be one of many primary causes as to why Gelbvieh cows have been utilized in cross-breeding packages a lot over time
  • They’ve a good quantity of marbling on their meat, which makes it much more tender and scrumptious
  • The Gelbvieh bull can also be identified for having a really sturdy libido, which is nice contemplating the truth that they’re very fashionable in cross-breeding packages

Gelbvieh Cows: Well being Issues and Hardiness

Black Gelbvieh cow and Calf
Picture: Pos2013 /

Relying on which area you occur to stay in, you’ll discover that elevating sure cattle breeds over others is loads simpler and less expensive.

Fortunately, this isn’t an issue relating to the Gelbvieh cow breed, as it will probably simply survive in most climates with ease.

It’s particularly proficient round hotter areas although, as it will probably survive each the warmth and the bugs that include it.

In truth, normally the Gelbvieh cow breed has been greater than able to withstanding either side of the spectrum, so even in case you occur to be dwelling in a spot the place the winters are very chilly and there may be little or no forage for the cattle to chow down on, they’ll nonetheless survive all the identical.

So far as the final well being considerations go, let’s simply say that there isn’t something that you must fear about with the Gelbvieh cow breed that you just shouldn’t additionally fear about for many some other breed.

On the finish of the day, proudly owning a cow or a cattle farm is absolutely only a gamble for anybody on the market, as your cows can simply catch a illness they usually can all be worn out or they’ll all go on their complete lives with no care on this planet.

So, is the Gelbvieh a typically hardy breed that doesn’t want to fret about a lot all through its lifetime? Sure. Can it additionally catch on a number of illnesses and die prematurely? Completely.


The Gelbvieh cow breed is unquestionably a singular one, as regardless that it misplaced plenty of its recognition over time with farmers, it’s gained plenty of consideration due to its distinctive traits which could be handed on simply by cross-breeding.

So, whereas we are able to’t say for certain whether or not investing your complete fortune in these cows is extra price it than for some other breed, what we are able to say is that in case you play your playing cards proper we don’t see why you’ll remorse your alternative both.


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