Golden Comet Chickens – Every part You Have to Know

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No matter whether or not you’re trying to increase chickens for business egg manufacturing or when you simply need to add extra selection to your flock, you need to positively think about going for a Golden Comet hen breed.

That’s as a result of this beautiful golden-colored hen is by far one of many greatest hen breeds you might make investments into if you wish to add extra colours to your farmhouse with out reducing the manufacturing high quality or amount.

However as you’ll be able to most likely count on by now, going for various breeds altogether is rarely all that good of an concept when you haven’t appeared into the whole lot there’s to know in regards to the breed beforehand.

That is why for at present we determined to deliver you a whole information that spans over the whole lot that it’s essential to learn about elevating your very personal Golden Comet chickens.

So, let’s not waste anymore time and as a substitute simply hop into the fundamentals on the subject of this beautiful little hen breed:

Golden Comet Rooster: Historical past and Origins

Golden Comet Chickens – History
Photograph: Henrik Heino /

Whereas we do know lots in regards to the breed, sadly sufficient we don’t even have all that a lot info relating to the Golden Comet hen’s historical past. What we do learn about them although is that the breed in itself is a crossbreed, though in numerous locations the breed can also be known as a intercourse hyperlink breed.

Regardless, the Golden Comet hen breed is believed to have been the offspring of a New Hampshire rooster and a White Rock hen.

This mix alone was meant to create the proper hybrid breed that might provide the whole lot you might ever ask for in your yard flock. The ensuing hen was referred to as the Golden Comet, with its identify primarily coming from the distinctive coloration of the breed that stood out.

One of many most important benefits of this breed is the truth that it’s a kind of a cross-breeding in which you’ll be able to rapidly inform the distinction between the males and the females.

Their colours are utterly completely different so you’ll by no means have to fret about ordering a batch of feminine chicks and ending up with all testosterone stuffed meatheads.

All jokes apart, the Golden Comet hen are identified for being excellent yard hen even when you don’t have entry to a rooster.

If you wish to get your arms on feminine chicks solely you too can rapidly inform the 2 aside so it is possible for you to to purchase your self a full hen flock with out worrying one will instantly begin cock-a-doodling at 6 AM.

It is a large bonus for breeders and purchasers alike as they’ll rapidly separate the 2 as quickly as they hatch and as such, they by no means have to fret about getting the improper product.

On prime of that, numerous locations don’t enable roosters, so a intercourse hyperlink breed such because the Golden Comet hen is ideal for this case.

Golden Comet Chickens – Origins
Photograph by JackieLou DL /

Even so, the breed nonetheless made fairly a reputation for itself proper off the bat, changing into a little bit of an in a single day sensation and spreading like wildfire throughout the globe.

If you happen to like the thought of proudly owning a pink intercourse hyperlink breed however you don’t need to make investments or can’t end up a Golden Comet hen, you too can go for one of many following:

  • The Pink Star hen
  • The Golden Buff hen
  • The Gold Intercourse Hyperlink hen
  • The Cinnamon Queen hen

However why would you get your self a Golden Comet when there are such a lot of different breeds so that you can go for? Properly, it’s easy actually, they’re simply borderline good hen so that you can make investments into.

For one, they’re excellent egg layers which might be able to producing as many as 300 eggs yearly, though that is carefully tied to the standard of feed and care that you just present them with.

The egg colours fluctuate lots relying on the hen, however generally you’ll be able to count on them to be brown. You do have an opportunity to finish up with a blue-green egg layer too when you’re fortunate sufficient.

Whereas pink intercourse hyperlink birds are much more widespread than another selection on the market, you too can discover black intercourse hyperlinks very simply on most marketplaces.

Golden Comet Look

Golden Comet Chickens – Appearance

Whereas there is no such thing as a preexisting commonplace set for the fowl, there are just a few pointers that we consider to be particular to the breed.

For one, most Golden Comets are usually mild to medium brownish-red coloured, which is why the breed is known as “golden” within the first place.

On the identical time, you need to know that Golden Comet chickens are inclined to have vivid white of their feathers too, which in flip makes them shine brighter within the solar.

That is why you’ll hear numerous Golden Comet homeowners say that their chickens are actually shining within the daylight.

We must also point out instantly that this isn’t a really giant hen breed, so when you had been hoping for a good-sized hen to ultimately butcher for its meat, you gained’t discover it right here.

As an alternative, the females are identified for being fairly small, solely attending to be round 4 kilos heavy usually, with the males on the opposite facet of the spectrum attending to be round six kilos heavy at most.

Any and all Golden Comet chickens are identified for having a single upright pink comb. On prime of that their eyes are additionally identified for being vivid yellow and their beaks will at all times be brownish-yellow.

Golden Comet Chickens – Appearances

So far as the legs are involved, you can see most Golden Comets to have vivid to darkish yellow footsies, with 4 toes on every considered one of their ft.

The usual Golden Comet hen can also be identified for having an inverted triangle formed physique, with a really high-held tail and a stout stature.

The Golden Comet chick is understood for wanting similar to chicks from different breeds, however the males are arguably means completely different from another breed on the market.

These females have yellow fluffy feathers which have a really attention-grabbing rusty tint to them which makes them stand out within the mild.

As they get older, most Golden Comet chicks are inclined to develop extra grownup traits which separates them from the typical hen breed.

Character and Temperament

Golden Comets
Photograph: EF Pictures /

Now right here comes the true shocker, these chickens, that had been particularly bred to be round people and to be raised by farmers throughout the globe, deal with themselves completely wonderful and are identified for being very pleasant and easygoing.

Sure, this will not be an excessive amount of of a jumpscare to most individuals however it’s true, the Golden Comet hen breed is named one of many friendliest hen breeds your cash may get you.

On prime, their curiosity is aware of no bounds as this breed will just about by no means cease exploring its environment.

Additionally it is very docile and simple to deal with, and child-friendly so you’ll be able to really let your youngsters mess around with it whilst you’re away.

Curiously sufficient, Golden Comets are additionally identified for being very fast to mature. Which means they are going to go from being quick and energetic to being curious and pleasant virtually in a single day, as they are going to observe you round all day lengthy begging you for pets and snacks.

Golden Comet Chickens
Photograph: Vidady /

Simply needless to say their curiosity and explorative nature doesn’t at all times work out of their favor. They may typically occasions try to jump over the fences and get to locations that they had been by no means meant to get to within the first place.

They’re able to doing this merely due to how light-weight they’re, which is why you need to put money into an excellent clipper for his or her wings in any other case they are going to by no means keep put.

The Golden Comet chickens are identified for loving each little bit of consideration they’ll get, just about at all times demanding kisses and pats on their noggin with each probability they get.

Additionally they love being picked up and there are greater than a handful of testimonies on the market from those that state that Golden Comets are the very best breed to go for when you’ve got youngsters.

It’s because the kids love messing with no matter creature is smaller than them, and the Golden Comets love each little bit of consideration they’ll get their arms on.

So, it’s just about only a win-win situation for the hen breed as it can by no means cease demanding consideration and it’ll by no means get overstimulated regardless of what number of occasions you come over to pet them on the pinnacle.

On account of how small and pleasant they’re, it shouldn’t come off as a shock that Golden Comet chickens are additionally not identified to instigate fights.

In actual fact, generally they’re those to be bullied round by different chickens, so ensure to maintain an in depth eye in your flock when you introduce a brand-new Golden Comet hen to their ranks.

Golden Comet Chickens – Temper

They’re additionally identified for operating as distant from hazard as doable, so when you had been anticipating the breed to battle again towards a possible predator, you may be sorely mistaken.

Due to their pleasant nature and the way proficient they’re at egg laying, it’s no marvel that the breed is equally common as egg producers and household pets.

However don’t take their docile nature as an indication that they are going to enable simply another hen to step throughout them.

If stressed, these chickens will run throughout the coop all day lengthy breaking the whole lot of their sight simply to get away from the menace.

If you wish to begin a brand new coop and also you don’t need there to be any bother with pecking order, we advocate that you just pair the Golden Comet chickens with the next breeds:

  • Cochins
  • Faverolles
  • Plymouth Rocks
  • Rhode Island Reds might not sound like all that nice of a alternative, however due to their giant measurement and aggressive nature, they get alongside fairly swimmingly with the Golden Comets since they don’t should battle for a similar place within the flock hierarchy
  • New Hampshire Reds
  • Orpingtons
  • Plus most different sex-link chickens as they are usually very pleasant and simple to maintain

Golden Comet Egg and Meat Manufacturing

Golden Comet Chickens – Meat
M Stark Pictures /

In case you are primarily looking out for an excellent egg laying breed, you completely ought to think about going for a Golden Comet hen.

That’s as a result of these beauties can lay as many as 300 to 330 medium to giant eggs per yr, which suggests which you could count on as many as six brown eggs developing per week.

Within the present financial system we now have going, that’s virtually the identical as profitable a lottery ticket in our ebook contemplating how costly eggs have gotten.

One other factor to notice right here is that Golden Comet chickens have a tendency to start out laying eggs a lot sooner than most different hen breeds. So, when you’re searching for an instantaneous reward kind of an funding, this can be the suitable alternative for you.

However how a lot of a distinction does this make? Properly, for instance, the typical Rhode Island Pink begins laying eggs across the 18-Twentieth week or so, whereas most Buff Orpingtons want 24 weeks to start out laying themselves.

The Ancona hen breed wants round 20 weeks whereas the White Leghorn often wants 16 to 17 weeks till it may possibly begin handing out little omelets each morning.

The Golden Comet nonetheless is ready to lay eggs across the 16th week mark, so by the point they get to be 4 months previous, they’re already laying eggs prefer it’s no person’s enterprise.

The eggs may even develop as they develop, so you’ll be able to count on the eggs to be a bit on the smaller finish when they’re pullets, however as they mature the eggs will begin to get bigger and bigger.

One factor we must always point out right here is that almost all Golden Comets have a tendency to start out laying their eggs in random locations at first, so you have to to direct them in direction of their nesting packing containers when they’re nonetheless pullets.

Golden Comet Chickens – Egg

You are able to do so by placing false eggs within the nest packing containers. You too can put golf balls or any type of spherical white or mild brown object within the nest packing containers to point to your Golden Comet that that is the place the eggs ought to go.

Additionally, you will want to scrub their nests correctly every single day in order that they perceive that it is a clear atmosphere on your chickens to put their eggs in.

Final however not least you need to positively be sure that the nest packing containers are correctly decontaminated, cleaned and mite-free in order that they don’t really feel like they’re laying their eggs in a hazardous atmosphere.

The Golden Comet chickens can lay eggs for round two years or so, after which they are going to nonetheless lay just a few eggs per week, however their manufacturing will begin to decelerate exponentially till they’re virtually incapable of doing something anymore.

So far as their meat manufacturing is worried, whereas the standard of the meat is up there, it’s not beneficial to purchase your very personal Golden Comet chickens particularly for this function.

That’s as a result of it is a very small breed to take a position into. Most of them gained’t even get heavier than 5 to 6 kilos every, so it might be a fairly large waste of cash if that’s all you’re searching for.

To ensure that them to get to that measurement, they may even should be raised for over a yr or two, which isn’t that nice of a deal contemplating simply how little meat you will get from them within the first place.

So, whereas they’re distinctive egg-laying birds, we don’t advocate going for Golden Comet chickens when you’re particularly searching for an excellent meat breed to take a position into.

How Do You Know When the Golden Comet is Able to Lay Eggs?

Golden Comet Chickens – Ready
Photograph: wildstrawberries /

There are a handful of telltale indicators you have to to look out for right here, together with the truth that their pink waddle and comb are inclined to change into vivid pink they usually begin consuming and consuming much more at that too.

The Golden Comet hens may even begin to squat as quickly as you strategy them, which signifies the actual fact they’re prepared for the roosters by now.

Lastly, the chickens may even begin to discover among the lesser-visited elements of the coop with the intention to discover the proper place to start out laying their eggs in.

Golden Comet Well being Issues

Golden Comet Chickens – Health

As you’ll be able to count on from a hybrid hen breed, the Golden Comet hen don’t have any of the health-related issues that almost all different breeds carry with them.

Nonetheless, you need to maintain a lookout for the next well being issues as they’re common scares that any hen homeowners needs to be cautious of:

  • Lice, mites and worms – To be able to be sure that your hen doesn’t have to fret about these, ensure to scrub their coop on a weekly foundation and in addition deal with your flock with pure parasiticides now and again
  • Brief lifespans – As talked about beforehand, the Golden Comet breed is right here for an excellent time, not for a very long time, so that you shouldn’t count on your hen to dwell longer than six to eight years in whole
  • Egg manufacturing issues – It will at all times be an issue with any egg-laying breed, so points like egg yolk peritonitis, reproductive tumors and different related issues might sneak up on you. Be sure to feed your chickens loads of calcium to keep away from all of this


So, there you might have it, that’s the whole lot that you need to learn about elevating your very personal Golden Comet chickens.

No matter whether or not you’re searching for an excellent egg producer or when you simply need a useful pet so as to add to the family, the Golden Comet will greater than match the invoice on each fronts admirably. 


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