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Banana paper could save East Africa’s potatoes from devastating worms

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Potatoes originated in South America, the place they had been domesticated about 8,000 years in the past. The vegetation had been ultimately dropped at Europe within the mid-1500s, from the place they unfold to the remainder of the world.

They’ve grow to be an important crop in East Africa, each as a meals and economically. In Kenya alone, potatoes contribute over US$500 million to the financial system yearly, using round 2.5 million individuals.

Nevertheless, though the potato-growing space is rising, productiveness is steadily declining. This is because of numerous causes together with potato cyst nematodes, a microscopic kind of roundworm that feeds on potato roots and lives within the soil. They’re inflicting substantial losses to potato manufacturing in Kenya, and certain the area. Present estimates present that roughly US$127 million value of losses are attributed to the nematodes in Kenya yearly.

Potato cyst nematodes adopted the potatoes from South America and have grow to be established in most potato rising areas of the world. In East Africa, prevailing situations, just like the tropical local weather which permits for all-year-round potato manufacturing, has led to the build-up and manifestation of the pest.

The inhabitants of nematodes in Kenya is kind of exceptional. They are often as much as 15-fold increased than the degrees recorded in Europe, the place 10 eggs per gram of soil is commonplace.

Potato cyst nematode.
US Division of Agriculture/Flickr

As a result of magnitude of the harm that the nematodes trigger to potato manufacturing, strict quarantine rules have been applied throughout many elements of the world to comprise and limit their additional unfold.

However we might have discovered an answer: banana paper. Potatoes will be wrapped in a “banana paper”, that we devised, at planting to guard it from the worms. The paper is made out of fibre waste from harvested bananas which might in any other case have been discarded. In East Africa, bananas are plentiful – and due to this fact so will the fibre waste.

Potato root indicators

Potato cyst nematodes are soil dwelling and search out plant roots to feed on as soon as potatoes are planted. They’re so-called as a result of the feminine turns into crammed together with her brood of eggs inside her physique which, upon maturity, is known as a cyst.

As she matures the feminine turns into balloon formed, her cuticle hardens, forming a toughened cyst wall. When the feminine dies the cyst turns into a protecting casing for the eggs which can hatch solely in response to chemical indicators obtained from rising potato roots. In any other case, the eggs can stay in a dormant state throughout the protecting cyst for a few years. Because of this they’re very troublesome to handle and nearly unattainable to eradicate.

As soon as hatched the juvenile nematodes find potatoes utilizing chemical indicators which are launched from the roots. They then burrow into the foundation and set up a feeding website the place they then suck out the contents of the cells. This damages the potato roots and reduces their progress and potato yields. In extreme infestations the plant might die.

To fight these nematodes, we examined a paper made out of banana fibre in Kenya, and it really works. Potatoes are enclosed or wrapped within the “banana paper” at planting which protected the plant from the nematodes.

The particular mixture of the substances that make up the “banana paper” (the “lignin” and the “cellulose”) which permits us to use tiny quantities of chemical nematicides, a sort of chemical pesticide used to kill nematodes. These are slowly launched because the paper naturally deteriorates. The potato seed tuber, enclosed within the handled banana paper, is protected by the pesticidal exercise over time, however with minimal dosages that cut back environmental contamination.

The concept is that the nematodes are killed by the pesticide earlier than they infect the potato roots. Nevertheless, by likelihood, the identical ligno-cellulose make-up additionally adsorbs the chemical indicators from the potato roots that the nematodes require to hatch from the egg and find roots. If the juvenile nematodes are unable to seek out their host roots their power reserves shortly deplete and so they die. Because of this even with none remedy, the paper continues to be very efficient.

And it implies that the mix of interference within the signalling between the potato roots and nematodes, together with a low nematicide dosage makes for a really efficient nematode administration possibility.

In checks performed in Kenya, potato yields had been as much as five-fold increased than regular farmer observe with nematode densities considerably suppressed.

There may be a lot anticipation that the banana paper know-how can present a car for the supply of pesticides, all at ultra-low dosages, in direction of their simpler and environment friendly use and at extra environmentally acceptable ranges. Analysis is presently underway to evaluate the usage of the paper on different crops, comparable to yam, cassava and candy potato and towards different nematode pests, comparable to root knot nematodes and lesion nematodes.

Means ahead

To make this a actuality there’s must exhibit the native manufacturing of banana paper in East Africa. We’re inspired {that a} native paper producer has indicated that that is viable.

In the meantime, a extra in depth evaluation of the paper is important to make sure that it’s equally efficient throughout variable climatic, ecological and soil situations, in addition to on numerous crops.

It’s also needed to show the know-how to farmers, to create consciousness of this potential product. Farmers and agricultural workers and researchers first have to be cognisant of the potato cyst nematode pests themselves and why they have to be managed. Farmers are conscious of declining and poor yields however don’t perceive the explanations behind this and {that a} tiny worm that’s nearly invisible will be answerable for such dramatic losses.

It’s been a really thrilling discover as banana paper might supply a sensible mechanism for managing nematode pests, and doubtlessly different difficult-to-manage illnesses and illness complexes of crops.

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