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There are many superior rooster breeds on the market, that you just certainly want to take a look at when you’re simply considering beginning your individual coop now. Every breed has its personal fascinating traits and execs and cons, which you want to remember earlier than you make your ultimate choice.

With that being mentioned, some breeds are positively higher than others, and at present, we wish to cowl one in every one of our private favourites proper right here, aka the Silkie rooster breed in all of its glory.

This breed has been appreciated for a really very long time now because of its distinctive look and unusually furry feathers, however, there may be much more to it than meets the attention.

So, on this information, we shall be presenting you everything that it’s essential to know in regards to the lovely Silkie chickens and we are going to high all of it off by telling you precisely why it is best to contemplate including them in your coop subsequent.

So, let’s not dwindle about any longer and as a substitute hop properly into a short introduction to the Silkie chickens which begins off with an easy description of:

The Silkie Chickens Look

Picture by RJA1988 / pixabay.com

The cool factor about Silkie chickens is that after you see them with your individual eyes you may by no means mistake them for an additional rooster breed once more. They’re a few of the most simply recognizable rooster breeds in the marketplace, and lots of that has to do with their virtually fur-like feathers.

They seem like furry chickens for essentially the most half which isn’t one thing you see fairly often in public. On high of that, our bodies are unusually plump and broad, with their chests coming out tougher than most other rooster breeds on the market.

So far as their legs are involved, you’re looking at a pair of cute waddles which can be fairly far aside from each other, for the sake of giving them the additional stability, that they should hold themselves steady always.

Their heads, by far their most simply recognizable characteristic, could be noticed straight away because of the truth that they actually seem like a type of crested pom poms that once more, no different rooster breed appears to have on the market.

Types of Silkie Chickens

Picture By Yanukit / inventory.adobe.com

So far as their comb is worried, it’s usually walnut-shaped though it is usually an excellent indicator of the purebred a part of the rooster since a purebred will all the time have a mulberry or darkish pink comb whereas a lesser rooster may have a brighter pink comb as a substitute.

Whereas the good majority of Silkie chickens have a beard too high of their seems, there are many of them which can be additionally non-bearded, however, the one factor that all of them appear to have is the charcoal black eye colour, which may immediately be noticed even from a distance.

One other attribute trait of the Silkie chickens could be noticed in their earlobes, as they’re truly gentle blue in colour and as such, they stand out quite a bit.

Beneath their feathers, you are likely to be shocked to listen to that their pores and skin is black, and never solely that however, they complete our bodies, except for their blood and feathers are black.

That’s proper, we’re speaking about their pores and skin, their muscle mass, just about everything together with their bones, they’re all black coloured. If that’s not distinctive then we don’t know what the even means anymore.

How A lot of Cash do Silkie Chickens Price?

Silkie Chickens Cost

Picture by Paige Cody / unsplash.com

In case you’re concerned about them for his or their uniqueness and their magnificence alone, then chances are you’ll already be asking how a lot one such rooster will price you.

The advantage of them is that you could find them just about in all places, which is why they aren’t precisely the most costly chickens to get your arms on.

For essentially the most half, you can be blissful to listen to that the standard Silkie chick will price you around $3 to $10 every, however, if you wish to purchase a grownup hen or rooster as a substitute you’ll have to shill out wherever between $15 to $50 every.

How A lot do Silkie Chickens Weigh?

How Much do Silkie Chickens Weigh

Silkie Paradise / fb.com

So far as their common measurement and weight are worried, Silkie chickens within the US do look a tad bit smaller than the Silkie chickens from Europe, and that’s largely because of completely different genetics and whatnot.

As such, the standard US Silkie rooster will weigh wherever between 2 to three kilos, when you’re speaking a couple of roosters, and in case you are speaking a couple of hens, you then’re taking a look at a 1.5 to 2 kilos rooster proper right here.

There’ll all the time be some anomalies, to say the least as some chickens might weigh much more, or they might weigh half of that of their maturity. The one factor that we will say about that’s that the nearer you’re to proudly owning a purebred, the extra seemingly you’re to have a rooster of that measurement.

What Shade Varieties Do Silkie Chickens Come In?

Silkie Chicken Colors

Picture by Andy M. / pixabay.com

Yet one more nice half about proudly owning or buying a Silkie rooster is the truth that you have got a plethora of various colours to select from, which will certainly make your coop look much more distinctive and full of life, the extra you combine and match the chickens you have got there.

Regardless of this although, in complete, you’ll solely have 8 colours you can truly go to a contest with, and they’re the next:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Buff
  • Self-Blue or Lavender
  • Splash
  • White
  • Partridge

There are fairly a number of extra colours that the Silkie affiliation is making an attempt to get accepted by the APA, however sadly this doesn’t appear actually possible for now. Even so, there are much more official colours which can be accepted than there are for many different chickens which is all the time nice to see.

How Do Silkie Chickens Behave?

How Do Silkie Chickens Behave

California Silkie Chickens Ranch / fb.com

Persona-wise you’re looking at one of many calmest and most peaceable birds that you would get your arms on proper right here. They’re very a lot so free birds although, that simply can’t get sufficient of the free-ranging life, which is why you’ll want lots of areas to maintain them blissful.

At a similar time, they’re very simply taken down by predators and so they don’t deal with stress nicely, so you have to speculate fairly closely on supervision and safety to maintain them protected. The second a single predator enters your coop you’re just about completed, as no Silkies will be capable of escaping it, because of them not being the quickest nor the neatest birds on the market.

You might also need to make investments into a totally enclosed space and correct fencing to maintain them out of hurt’s approach, particularly so when speaking about haws for that matter as they’ll simply scoop them off of the bottom because the Silkie chickens don’t essentially have the most effective imaginative and prescient because of their furry head feathers.

The usual Silkie rooster is just about probably the most docile chicken breeds your cash might get you although, however, this additionally does work towards them typically instances, as they’ll simply find themselves getting bullied by another extra dominant rooster breeds you might have in your coop.

Silkie Chicken Hen

Picture by Michel Jessat / pixabay.com

The Rhode Island Crimson for instance is infamous for attacking Silkie chickens and in some instances, it may even find yourself pecking them to death simply to say dominance.  As such we suggest that you just combine them up with a number of different docile breeds such because the Cochin or the Polish rooster breeds to keep away from any severe altercations.

Silkie chickens make for nice pets because of how simply they’ll get hooked up to people, they completely like to be held in your lap, and as a rule, they are going to believe you a lot that they are going to simply take a nap the second you give them a number of pats on the pinnacle. They love being carried around and you will note them chase you around the entire coop the second you enter it to provide them meals or water.

We’ve personally by no means even heard of an aggressive Silkie rooster, as a rule, you’ll hear about them being stepped on or being damaged, as a result, if they get too near people, and due to how non-confrontational they’re you’ll not have to fret about them attacking you or another rooster across the coop anytime quickly.

Additionally, you will totally take pleasure in petting them and stroking their heads due to their furry feathers and the extra you do it the extra hooked up the Silkie rooster will get to you.

How Many Eggs Can I Count on from Silkie Chickens?

Silkie Chicken Eggs

Picture by Rachel Claire / pexels.com

That is sadly the one actual drawback that you’ll ever discover with Silkie chickens, and it’s not the one that almost all of us thought we’d have with it after we first obtained one from the market.

We anticipated these to be superb egg chickens since they’re so small and usually, if a rooster is just not significantly giant that implies that that’s not a meat rooster and that you just’re taking a look at an egg-laying rooster as a substitute.

This isn’t the case although because the Silkie can solely actually lay around 2 to three very small eggs each week, which in flip leads to complete manufacturing of around 100 to 120 eggs at most yearly.

This isn’t precisely the most effective number to have, however, it’s a good bonus once you understand the truth that Silkie chickens are virtually by no means bought for it eggs to start with.

So far as their eggs are involved although, they’re notably cream to tinted coloured and as talked about beforehand, they’re positively on the smaller facet, with the occasional medium-sized egg coming by means of as soon as each month or so.

The best way to Take Care of Silkie Chickens

How to Take Care of Silkie Chickens

Picture by Paige Cody / unsplash.com

The perfect half about taking good care of Silkie chickens is certainly the truth that regardless of being thought of to be decorative birds, they’re truly fairly low-maintenance birds, which may be very extraordinary for this class of rooster breed.

Whereas they do want a little bit of room to run round in because of how energetic they’re, they don’t essentially require their confinement to be as giant as you’d suppose because of their small measurement. We’re nonetheless speaking about very small chickens right here, so they won’t want greater than another breed on the market to dwell in.

So far as their habitat is worried although, you have to to be sure that they get loads of train to maintain them protected and wholesome. As such, round 3 sq. toes per rooster is certainly going to provide them ample room to run round in and that’s actually all they ask for from you.

Silkie Chicken flock

Stonebrook Silkies / fb.com

Their coop needs to be round 6 sq. toes or so giant per rooster, and that is but once more because of simply how energetic they’ll actually be as you don’t need them bumping into each other always.

In case you do favour maintaining them free-range, simply know that you’ll want to speculate closely into rooster wire fencing in order that no potential predators comparable to canines or foxes might come on by means of to get their subsequent meal out of your exhausting work.

So far as what your habitat must have in it although, so long as your Silkies have a very good vary of grass, meals and water they need to be high-quality with simply that.

What Ought to You Feed Silkie Chickens?

What Should You Feed Silkie Chickens

Sheeran Farms Silkie Rooster’s / fb.com

So far as their common weight loss plan is worried, Silkie chickens can devour a quite giant number of grains, together with cracked wheat, oats, barley and corn altogether.

Simply give your Silkie rooster round ½ cup of grains day by day, however, remember that in case your chickens are free-range then chances are you’ll need to decrease that by fairly a bit contemplating the truth that they already consumed loads of worms and bugs on their approach there.

You additionally must scatter their grains round as you feed them simply so you may encourage their pure foraging abilities so that they don’t anticipate the meals to simply fall at their tiny toes.

So far as treats go, we closely suggest that you just give them each veggie and fruit scraps to be sure that they know that they’re treasured to you and in order that they’ll stay up for the subsequent time you come round to greet them or deal with them.

Are Silkie Chickens Noisy?

Are Silkie Chickens Noisy

California Silkie Chickens Ranch / fb.com

That is yet one more nice half about Silkie chickens, as they’re truly not noisy within the slightest, which solely provides to their viability for metropolis folks to personal.

In case you for instance dwell in an condo or in an city setting and also you need to deal with an odd and distinctive new pet, it is best to positively contemplate getting a Silkie rooster simply because they’re not often if ever tremendous loud, with the one exception being when they’re actually hungry.

Simply be sure that they’ve loads of room to manoeuvre round in and in addition, don’t neglect to wash up after them every single day, in order that they don’t find themselves getting used to sleeping in the muck.

Ought to You Get a Silkie Rooster?

Should You Get a Silkie Chicken

Sheeran Farms Silkie Rooster’s / fb.com

In an effort to reply this query, we might want to provide you with a short rundown of each one in every of their execs and cons so that you just perceive precisely what you’re getting together with your cash.

So, so far as their execs go, these are essentially the most notable parts we might consider:

  • They’re nice to youngsters
  • They make for some extremely distinctive and loving pets
  • They dwell for a really very long time
  • They’re not often going to instigate fights with different pets or another chicken
  • They’re nice moms each for their very own chicks or another small chick around them

So far as the cons go although, that is one thing you have to remember:

  • They’re very prone to a ton of ailments, together with Marek’s illness
  • They don’t seem to be very chilly resistant
  • They’re nowhere close to the most effective egg layers you would purchase
  • They are often prone to lice or mites because of the furry side of their feathers
  • They’re fairly broody


Silkie Chickens

Picture by hansdenis / inventory.adobe.com

So, what can we actually say about this superior breed that we haven’t mentioned already by now? You need to already know by now whether or not that is the fitting breed for you and in case you are nonetheless unsure, then how about you try some extra footage of them, each grownup and chick alike to be sure you’re making the fitting transfer?

Simply keep in mind that the standard Silkie Rooster lives for fairly an extended time frame, so in case you are searching for a pleasant present to provide to your kids from time to time neglect about after a few months then it will positively not be the fitting selection for you.

This rooster breed is an absolute deal with to have round and when you do resolve to get one, don’t neglect to choose it up and stroke its furry head as a lot as potential, as a result of they simply can’t get sufficient of it. Thanks for studying and good luck together with your coop!

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