Reimagining Web3 With Bitcoin

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When the Web3 narrative bought very fashionable in 2021, I used to be nonetheless in school and had solely just lately been launched to blockchain expertise, good contracts, and decentralized purposes. Like many on the time, I imagined that Ethereum or one other extremely performant good contract blockchain would develop to grow to be the bottom layer of the Web. The opposite end result in my thoughts was a “multi-chain” future the place the Web ran on a number of good contract L1s. And Bitcoin, being a boring chain devoid of Turing completeness, had no function in Web3.

A couple of information might have simply set the document straight if I have been solely conscious of them on the time. Fortunately, I used to be extra cautious with my cash than with my ideas, so I by no means misplaced something investing in Web3 ERC-20 tokens.

Immediately I’m actively betting towards the “learn, write, personal” Web touted by Web3 VCs whereas betting on a what I name a “learn, write, work” Web which will probably be chosen and loved by customers. Each bets are expressed by proudly owning bitcoin. Somewhat than a hopeless try to “personal” knowledge, bitcoin is nicely positioned to be the forex that powers the brand new net as a medium of trade. The basic idea behind this thesis is a subset of “repair the cash, repair the world” – right here I’m solely saying “repair the cash, repair the online.”

Web3 is a worthwhile matter to debate as a result of Bitcoiners want to begin reclaiming misplaced floor. I’ve written earlier than that Bitcoin should personal the title “Crypto” primarily based on precept and etymology; this essay is about how we must always critically reimagine Web3 with Bitcoin.

The place The Internet Went Improper

The basic challenge with the Web at this time is just not privateness, or knowledge, or centralization, or censorship, or the rest persons are so used to repeating. The basic challenge is that there is no such thing as a constant cash on the Web.

Once I use a social media platform, I pay for that have utilizing my knowledge. This knowledge is effective as a result of it may be monetized by promoting it to entities which need the info. When an influencer creates content material, they’re paid with consideration. This consideration is effective as a result of it may be monetized by redirecting it to entities which need the eye. See the parallels?

In both case the factor being paid, knowledge or consideration, is just not cash however as a substitute a factor that may be exchanged for cash. That technique of exchanging this stuff for cash, which I referred to as “monetization” within the examples above, creates huge market inefficiency. For instance, contemplate what’s being paid if you use social media to construct a following. On the one hand, you might be paying with knowledge however you might be getting paid with consideration. What’s the trade charge for this stuff? To what extent does that charge change and underneath what situations will it change? You most likely do not know; these aren’t even the sophisticated questions and we actually do not know. Folks can not make rational financial selections when there may be such ambiguity out there.

It is no earlier than this level that you could be start to note the core challenge with at this time’s Web (or “Web2”) lies within the dismal state of at this time’s “Web cash.” Sure, fiat forex is fairly unhealthy, however at the very least there’s a single unit of account for various issues and there are considerably recognized and steady costs. And despite the fact that there’s a cash printer, at the very least there may be some considered restraint proven a few of the time. In distinction, utilizing consideration and knowledge as Web forex is like utilizing pebbles and feathers to purchase meals and pay lease.

The place the online went flawed isn’t actually a problem attributable to large tech companies or the surveillance state. As a substitute the problem is simply that human beings haven’t found a cash that works nicely for the online.

Bitcoin (Uniquely) Works Effectively For The Internet

The explanation consideration and knowledge is used as Web cash is that they act as a type of instantaneous microtransactions. Each are virtually infinite, so they’re ok for transmitting microscopic packets of worth with out disrupting person expertise, despite the fact that neither is nice cash. (As an apart, the inevitable disruption of UX attributable to a cumbersome blockchain-based Web3 Web is precisely the explanation why Web3 within the mainstream-narrative type won’t ever take off.)

Though fiat has grow to be digitized, it nonetheless lacks lots of transnationality, pace, divisibility, and different issues which Web-native cash wants. The arrival of the stablecoin is maybe the most important enchancment on this regard. For instance, USDC on Ethereum might be cut up into tiny fractions of a penny (the indivisible unit of a USDC is value far lower than a satoshi), it’s borderless, and it may be despatched through Ethereum rollups to realize very quick cost finality.

The stablecoin’s main failing is that it isn’t a bearer asset and due to this fact has counterparty threat. The stablecoin issuer is meant to have actual fiat for every stablecoin it points. This may occasionally not at all times be the case. Even a CBDC applied as a bearer asset is simply a bearer asset to the extent that the person is utilizing it for “authorised” transactions. A permissioned CBDC community can simply freeze accounts with none justifiable purpose. In an more and more politicized net, unhealthy currencies like consideration (they’ll simply lock your account) and knowledge (they’ll use your knowledge to confirm that what you might be doing is permitted) and CBDC’s are all liable to censorship.

The opposite challenge with stablecoins is that they’re often hosted on proof-of-stake networks. PoS can by no means be as trustless as proof-of-work as a result of it requires exterior checkpoints to assist with consensus. In distinction, Bitcoin is true “crypto” as a result of it depends on cryptography alone for safety.

There’s another excuse Bitcoin works uniquely nicely for the online, which I discover to be relatively underappreciated. Whereas each Bitcoin and Ethereum are scaling through layers, Bitcoin’s L2 strategy (predominantly the Lightning Community) favors state channels whereas Ethereum’s L2s are principally rollups. State channels are the superior manner of scaling for funds. They permit privateness by default and reject the necessity for world state consensus. Certainly that is like money: personal by default, with out a recognized world state. Rollups, however, require a worldwide state, which implies having to deal with knowledge availability points and different advanced stuff. Immediately many of the distinguished Ethereum rollups are functionally like separate L1’s with their very own world state consensus guidelines. Property are additionally much less fungible as a result of the identical base layer asset bridged to completely different rollups aren’t handled as the identical asset.

Lastly, state channels allow high-speed microtransactions. They may at all times be sooner than rollups as a result of rollups should propagate knowledge to all nodes whereas state channels are simply between two people. Altogether, bitcoin is your best option for Web-native cash as a result of it’s the most safe bearer asset with probably the most applicable cost infrastructure.

“Learn Write Personal” Or “Learn Write Work”?

Web3 touts an Web powered by good contract blockchains which, via a token financial system, might implement possession of person knowledge and allow customers to earn income from this knowledge. This was famously labeled “learn, write, personal,” which juxtaposed Web2’s “learn, write” framework and Web1’s “learn” framework with itself.

The issue is nobody can “personal” knowledge in any sensible sense. As soon as knowledge is revealed, you can not power somebody to overlook it and you can not power them to not use it. The one knowledge you may “personal” can be knowledge that nobody else has. However usually as quickly as you reveal you might have the info, you additionally reveal the info and relinquish your solely sensible possession declare. Solely uneven techniques mean you can reveal possession of data with out revealing information (suppose zero-knowledge proofs, or maybe extra familiarly, signatures through your seed phrase).

That is the primary purpose “learn, write, personal” was NGMI from the beginning. One more reason is what we’ve already talked about: specializing in knowledge is the flawed concept solely. Knowledge and a spotlight are simply unhealthy monies which should be changed by good cash. Attempting to “personal” knowledge is silly. Folks make knowledge each second. What’s the purpose of proudly owning one thing like that?

Bitcoin is the cash that may change knowledge and a spotlight. Nobody could make extra bitcoin. Having a single, unfragmented, liquid medium of trade will totally unlock a free marketplace for Web-native companies.

Because of this I say the brand new Web – the approaching “Web3” that customers will really use – will probably be a “learn, write, work” Web. If knowledge and a spotlight are now not legitimate currencies, then the one factor that is still is to make use of one’s creativity and speech – one’s works – to earn the true forex. There’s a cool philosophical parallel right here. Proof-of-stake, so favored by Web3 VCs, will predictably think about a rent-seeking “personal” worth proposition to undertaking their preferences to the longer term Web. Bitcoiners perceive that possession is significant solely when there may be true shortage and proof of labor.


My place is that bitcoin is probably the most promising Web3 token on the market. The explanation privateness and censorship are points in at this time’s net is as a result of unhealthy monies like knowledge and a spotlight are the present currencies of the online. As bitcoin turns into the popular Web cash, it should take in the worth of those inferior currencies, very similar to what it is already doing with sure fiat currencies. Repair the cash, repair the online. That’s Web3 reimagined with Bitcoin.

It is a visitor publish by Allard Peng. Opinions expressed are solely their very own and don’t essentially replicate these of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Journal.


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