New take a look at detects antibodies raised in opposition to Ostertagia

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A brand new take a look at that detects antibodies raised in opposition to cattle parasite Ostertagia ostertagi on bulk tank milk and milk samples is being supplied.

NI-based Agri-Meals and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) stated the brand new take a look at for dairy farmers will use bulk tank milk samples to evaluate infestation ranges in herds.

The take a look at will categorical this when it comes to milk yield discount, serving to vets to find out the necessity for illness management.

Additional particular person animal milk samples can then be examined if such element is required, AFBI defined.

Ostertagia ostertagi, generally referred to as the brown abdomen worm, causes ostertagiosis and is among the most typical parasite infections of livestock worldwide.

Contaminated animals might undergo from a persistent watery diarrhoea, weight reduction and lowered development in younger cattle, suppressed immune system and loss in milk yield.

Grownup dairy cows can undergo from a subclinical an infection, so infestation ranges in herds needs to be monitored.

AFBI stated: “Administration of ostertagiosis is greatest achieved by a mix of anthelmintic therapy and pasture management.

“You will need to forestall parasite build-up within the animals and their surroundings.

“Infestation degree surveillance at herd degree can be utilized to implement a therapy technique the place solely really contaminated herds needs to be handled to forestall anthelmintic resistance.”

Outcomes of the take a look at might be reported as having a negligible, inconclusive, or vital impact on milk yield together with ‘ODR’ values.

Samples should be submitted with an AFBI farm animal submission type.


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