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Nigeria: 5 Nigerian Stews You Can Make With out Tomatoes

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On this article is a compiled a listing of 5 economical, regionally sourced stews that may be made with out tomatoes

With Nigerians staunch customers of stew, tomatoes are a beloved staple, central to many conventional dishes.

However not too long ago, the worth of tomatoes have soared within the nation with many Nigerians pressured to seek for different sauces to enhance their every day meals.

In response, we have compiled a listing of 5 economical, regionally sourced stews and sauces that may be made with out tomatoes:

Stews you can also make with out tomatoes

1. Backyard Egg Sauce

A well-liked delicacy in southern Nigeria, Backyard Egg Sauce serves as a superb substitute for tomato stew. Important elements embody backyard eggs (purple aubergine, white, or inexperienced), palm oil, smoked fish, floor pepper (chili or scotch bonnet), rinsed iru, onions, crayfish, and salt to style. This versatile sauce pairs properly with rice, yam, or plantain.

2. Pumpkin Leaf Sauce

Identified regionally as Ugu, pumpkin leaves are extensively utilized in Nigeria. Pumpkin Leaf Sauce shouldn’t be solely flavorful but additionally wholesome, consisting of a sauté of fluted pumpkin leaves and onions. Fast to arrange, this sauce requires chopped pumpkin leaves, seasoned beef or hen (elective), meat inventory, vegetable oil, chili pepper, onions, seasoning, and salt to style.

3. Banga Stew

Generally known as Ofe Akwu, Banga Stew is a palm nut stew native to the Igbo tribe. Though extracting palm oil juice from palm nuts might be time-consuming, the ensuing dish is deliciously rewarding. Components wanted are palm fruits or palm fruit focus, beef, dry fish, greens (scent leaves for Ofe Akwu or dried, crushed bitter leaves for Delta-style Banga soup), onions, crayfish, inventory cubes, iru, salt, and chili pepper to style.